7/1/14 at Yogi Berra Stadium

After barley doing anything after school ended on June 25th, I was able to convince on of my moms to take me to the Jackals (Can-Am) game on July 1st. The Jackals were playing the Trois Rivieres Aigles which translates from French into Three River Eagles in English (Even their website is in French). This got me scared because the some of the players have names that sound really French (ex: Janelfry Zorrilla and Pier-Olivier Dostaler) and I was hoping that they wouldn’t only speak French (I take Spanish in school). Thankfully that wasn’t an issue.

When we were driving to the stadium, we realized that it was vvvveeeerrryyyy hot. Have a look for yourself.



It was probably the hottest day of the summer at that point.

When we arrived to the stadium, I took a picture with a statue of Yogi Berra . . .


 . . . . and got my ticket

photo (2)

When the gates opened at 6:00, I bolted out to the berm in right field to find Easter Eggs. My result, have a look:





I found 4 baseballs sitting there in the grass in various spots in the berm! I knew it was going to be a good day!

Right as I got all of the baseballs in there, I noticed that there were 2 players throwing on the Jackals. They were both wearing white t-shirts with cutoff sleeves that had the Jackals logo on it. They were just finishing up throwing as I ran to them and I flapped my glove and the Unknown Jackals player tossed me the ball. Here is a picture of it.


After I took that picture I decided to get a little artsy by the dugout.

7:1:14_Being _artsy

At that point there were no baseballs to be caught so I decided to go for autographs. Before I show you photos of the autographs here is how the players looked in the dugout.

photo 1

The players in this photo are Drew Miller, Elvin Millan jr., Eric Grabe and Kyle Lafrenz.

Here are some photos of the autographs




To my knowledge, those players are . . .

Edilson Alvarez

Ryan Bollinger

Steve Brown

Pier-Olivier Dostaler

Eric Grabe

Michael Hernandez

Kyle Lafrenz

Sasha LaGarde

Elvin Millan jr.

Drew Miller

Travis Wade

Janelfry Zorrilla

After I got those players autographs, I ran to where the players were throwing. There were a couple players throwing so I decided to settle behind Eric Grabe and Sasha LaGarde and hope something good would happen. Here is how it looked when they were throwing.


And when they were done I got Sasha to toss me the ball.


After I got that ball I quickly wrote the total # on the ball and turned my attention to Carlos Guzman and his partner (forgot who he was throwing with) warmup. When they were finished, Carlos started to walk towards the dugout and I yelled “Carlos” and he quickly turned around and threw a bullet right into my glove.


I already had 7 baseballs and before the game began. I couldn’t believe it! As the game got underway i settled in my usual spot in the top of the berm/concrete area in foul territory.

After barley missing out on 2 foul balls in the first inning, the top of the 2nd rolled on and Aigles batter Pier-Olivier Dostaler hit a high foul ball towards this BBQ area right above the berm. The ball bounced right near a grill area where I was directly next to and the ball took a crazy hop with a lot of back spin which went over my head but I was able to turn around and catch it off that hop. I got some cheers and a high five after I grabbed it which felt great! Here are some photos of that ball.


After I grabbed the ball, I took a closer inspection on it and saw this.


I originally thought that red mark might have come from the concrete area but after seeing him bat again i realized it was from his red bat. Pretty neat.

The next chance in getting a foul ball came in the bottom of the 4th inning. Jeremy Barnes (who is notorious to hitting foul balls to the berm) hit a ball over my head. As I turned around, the ball hit the grass and bounced up and hit a girl (around 8-10 years old) in the arm. Her reaction was “ow” with no emphasis. I quickly scooped up the ball was planing to give her one of the Easter Egg balls I found but she walked away. Very Strange. Nevertheless here is the ball.


With 2 outs in the bottom of the 4th inning, Steve Nikorak hit a fly ball to center fielder Sasha LaGarde. Usually the infielders throw the 3rd out balls back into the infield but in some cases with the outfield they run back in with the ball. This was one of those cases. I got down to the bottom the seats near the dugout and yelled, “Sasha can I please have that ball?” Without hesitation Sasha flipped me the ball to make it 10 on the day to surpass my previous MiLB record! Here is a picture of that ball.

photo 2

After everything cooled down I took a pretty nice panorama of my view.


From the 5th inning to the Bottom of the 8th inning everything got boring. I missed out on a foul ball because I was getting food but that was the only foul ball in that area from then on out. In the bottom of the 8th inning everything started to pick back up again. Jackals players hit 3 (I think) balls my way and I was able to snag one of them! Here is how it played out. Felix Sanchez hit a foul ball 10 feet to my right I had a bad read on it and if landed a foot in front of me and bounced over the berm into this hill/concrete area. It was a footrace between me and 5 other people. I was the first person near it and with the people coming from side to side I dove and put my glove over the ball! I felt some pain and when I got up noticed I had some burnish thing on my shin. Its fine now so whatever. Here is a photo of that ball.


In the top of the 9th inning I went to where my mom was sitting (who was on her iPad the whole game) and waited to the bottom half to attempt to get an umpire ball (the Aigles were crushing the Jackals 9-1 at that point). While Carlos Guzman on the Aigles was batting, he broke his bat. I ran down to the dugout and asked one of the coaches for it and he said to ask Carlos. Well the problem was that Carlos ended up walking so I would have until either he scored or the inning was over to ask him. After 5 lllllloooooonnnnngggggg minutes Carlos ended up scoring on a wild pitch. As he ran into the dugout I asked him if I could please have his broken bat and he told the bat boy to give it to me!!!! I took a bunch of photos of it.




This Bat took a beating!!


In the bottom of the 9th inning with 2 outs a Jackals player struck out looking. As HP Umpire Kurt Branin walked into the Umpires tunnel, I yelled “Mr. Branin can I please have a baseball?!” He walked in and placed my 12th ball in my glove! 😀 Here is photo of it.


I was very happy. As we were leaving the stadium my mom took this photo . . .


. . . and posted it on instagram (follow me @djkufo)

That ball in my glove was the ball the Umpire Branin gave me and that is the broken bat in my other hand!

This was probably my favorite game and I couldn’t be happier!

Here are some final stats:

12 Balls at this game

22 Balls at 3 MiLB games = 7.33 Baseballs per game!

41 career MiLB baseballs

71 total baseballs

That is it and Happy Snagging 🙂

6/17/14 at Yogi Berra Stadium

How about some Can-Am baseball!

Here is some background about this game. This was my first game at Yogi Berra Stadium since last year. I went on camp day (which I regret) and got one baseball (an infield warm up ball). I really wanted to go to another game but I never had the chance. Another thing that happened was that we brought Jack (I don’t think I have to keep explaining who he is) along again because his birthday was 2 days later. You want to here about the Jersey Jackals vs the Winnipeg Goldeyes game now. Ok, lets go!

First, *Time out*

The Goldeyes are in a different league then the Jackals (Jackals are in Can-Am and Goldeyes are in American Association). The Goldeyes use different baseballs. Keep that in mind.

*Time in*

We arrived to the stadium 10 minutes after the gates opened (6:10) due to traffic. This probably resulted us from a ball or to due to Easter Eggs. Whatever. This is what it looked like when we arrived.


And got our tickets.


When we got in we ran towards the Goldeye’s dugout to get autographs, Jack and I noticed a couple things . . . . 


A bag full of American Association baseballs. Those are the balls that I have never gotten.


Dugout before game.

All that we were able to do was get autographs and wait for players to come out and warm up. As we were waiting, I some autographs.




If I stand correct, those players are . . . 

Luis Alen

Jacob Blackwood

Jordan Guida

Casey Haerther

Tyler Kuhn

Ryan Pineda

Ray Sadler

Jamie Vermilyea

Donnie Webb

There are probably a few more people that I don’t know the names of.

Here are a couple pictures that I took of the players warming up.



While I was watching them warmup, I notice sometime white near a corner of a fence. I run over and notice that it is a baseball. I put my back towards the players and placed it into my bag so none of the players would see. Right before the game I took a picture of the ball . . .  .


. . . and where I found it.


In the corner

While the players were warming up, I took another picture of how the outfield and foul territory looks at Yogi Berra Stadium.


That whole area over there is a berm which is very good for baseballs. When some of the Goldeye players started to be done throwing, I asked if I could have a baseball. The players were using American Association baseballs and I never got one before so it would be cool if I was able to get one. I asked Ryan Pineda if I could have his and told me sadly no. He came over and shock my hand to say that they flew from Winnipeg to Jersey and have a big road trip coming up and have a limited supply. I understood what he said and thanks for being nice about it and he said no prob. After the players left the field the starting pitcher Chris Salamida took a lot of warmup throws in the bullpen. I took a couple pictures of it.



notice the ball in the center of the screen.

I am happy to report that Jack ended up getting a baseball from the bullpen earlier into warmups.

After Salamida was done he started to walk towards the dugout with ball in glove. I politely asked, “Chris can I please have the ball in your glove?” Chris took it out and flipped it to me. I sincerely hoped that it would be one of those American Association balls. My result, have a look,



At that point I was very excited and if that was the last ball I got all day I wouldn’t care. Spoiler alert; it wasn’t.

During the game Jack and I stood towards the top of the berm in foul territory. There were no kids for a while in the berm (at that point) which is a good thing because we basically had it all to ourselves. In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Tony Caldwell hit a foul ball towards the berm in foul territory over the bullpen. There was a chance that it might land in the bullpen or on the grass berm behind the bullpen but luckily it landed on the grass. When the ball landed, it was a foot race between this irish guy in his 30’s and me (Jack was a good 10 steps back). The guy had a bigger lead to it than me but I apparently was faster to it and I barley scooped it up. I found out the guy was irish because he told me he would have given me the ball anyway (even though I wouldn’t have accepted it) in an irish accent. Very interesting but nevertheless I still had the ball! When it settled down I took this picture:


That ball was my 8th carrier MiLB foul ball and I hoped I could get another one. Well, that happened in a big way.

In the bottom of the 4th inning Steve Nikorak hit a HIGH foul ball up to the berm. I was looking like it was going to head straight into my glove but at the last minute it started to hook to the right. I tracked it the whole way and as the ball started to fall down I made a dive to my right and made the catch on the fly!!!! Everyone was cheering and I was very happy. This was my first time I’ve caught a foul ball on the fly and let me tell you, it felt good! Here is a picture of the ball.


During the half inning Jack and I went down to where my mom was sitting and she took a picture of us.

photo (1)

When we were also there my mom gave us both a dollar to try to win tickets with a speed pitch and other games. During the middle of the sixth inning, Jack and I went to where the games and speed pitch was and tried to win a free ticket. After a couple of tries, I ended having the fastest pitch for under 16 year olds (forgot what it was) and won a ticket to a future game! 


After I got the ticket (Jack didn’t win one) we went to try to catch more foul balls. During the bottom of the 7th inning (I think), Jeremy Barnes hit a foul ball near we were standing. It hit the ground and bounced and started going down the grass hill. I went into a slid going down the hill and kept bobbling the ball. It kept bouncing out of my glove and right as I almost had a grip on it I see a had try to grab it. I try to take it away but I realize that it is Jack. For Jack being 10 years old and my friend I just moved my hands and let him have it. Jack felt great having 2 baseballs and I was happy with the four that I got. After that point I wandered and took this picture of the dugout.


While the Jackals were leading 4-1 in the top of the 9th inning, I rad towards the umpires tunnel in hoped of getting a ball from umpire Richard Katz. As he walked in he gave 2 balls to the people before me and ignored me :(. We went back to my mom’s car and left happy!

Here are some final stats:

4 baseballs at this game

10 Balls at 2 MiLB games = 5.00 balls per game

29 career MiLB baseballs

60 total baseballs

That’s all and Happy Snagging 🙂

5/27/14 at Citi Field

After about 16 days from my last game. . . . I decided to go the Pirates vs. Mets.

FIrst off, do you remember when I got a ticket signed for my friend Cameron on 3/20 at Prudential Center? Well, we decided to go to a game together. When we arrived to the stadium at 4:30, Cameron took this photo (and mostly all of the others),


Before this game Cameron snagged a total of 0 baseballs and he really wanted to get one. While waiting for the gates to open, Cameron and I played catch and took this picture.


Those were actually my sunglasses but he kept squinting because of the sun so he wore them for the photo.

At around 4:55 I was putting something in my bag and when I was bent down, I hear Cameron say, “Hey look, it’s Zack.” I was like (not looking up yet), “Zack’s not here it’s 4:55.” He says, “No, look!” I stand up and look to my right and see Zack eating pizza with his girlfriend. I walk up to him and say “YO” and he is like What’s up! He talked for a second with Cameron and I walked with him to get his ticket. (BTW if you ever see him at a game please say hi. He’s a nice guy). When the gates opened, Zack, Cameron and I ran to the left field bleachers and witnessed only 4 minutes of Mets BP! During that short amount of time Cameron and I were both able to snag a baseball! Cameron got his ball from a stadium worker when a home run went into the party deck. In the last minute of bp, I managed to snag a baseball in an unusual way. A Mets batter hit a line drive right to Mets pitcher Vic Black. Vic was talking to another player and didn’t notice the ball coming towards him. I yell, “Vic watch out!” and right as I said that Vic jumped to his left and the ball missed him by like 3 inches. He grabs the ball and says, “You saved my life.” and tossed me the ball. Here it is.


(All of the pictures of the balls were taken at my house.)

Right after I got the ball the Mets left the field. Me and Zack had a WTF?! expression on our faces. Cameron took two photos of how the field looked . . .



and we went by the players warming up.

During them warming up, my mom took two pictures of how it looked. 




The guy to the right to Cameron and I is Benny_Bang_Bang who showed up at 5:20. 

When we got back to left field we both ended up snagging a ball. Cameron got his tossed by Gerrit Cole (yes, that is how you spell it) and I got mine from Jared Hughes. I originally thought it was Luke Hughes by his warm up jersey but looking at my roster sheet showed me it was really Jared. Here is a picture of the ball he tossed me.


I honestly do NOT want to talk about Pirates bp. The seats were crazy packed and I had bad luck with homers and tossups (Cameron came within a foot of catching a homer but lets not talk about that). Right after bp I ran to the Pirates dugout in hopes to get a baseball. Then I remembered Scott Bonnett. Scott Bonnett is the Pirates Clubhouse manager and is known for tossing a BUNCH of baseballs out ofter bp. After he was almost done transferring the baseballs to a different bag, Scott tossed one up to me. Here is that ball.


A minute later Cameron ran over to try to get a baseball from Scott but Cameron came a little late and Scott was gone :(. We settled into seats behind the Pirates dugout and Cameron took this photo . . .


And my mom took a photo of us with our baseballs.


(BTW did you see that first baseman’s glove on Cameron’s lap, that was mine because Cameron doesn’t have a glove. lol.)

When the Pirates players began to come out to warm up, I ran over to try to get a baseball. The 2 players that ended up playing catch were Clint Barmes and Neil Walker. Neil ended up with the ball at the end and he ended up tossing it towards me. The throw was higher than I expected which caused me to jump in the air to make a leaping catch it. I turned around to see if it was intended for anyone and it wasn’t so I ran back to my seat. Here is a picture of the ball.



I went back to where we were sitting and ate a really crappy hot dog with really good french fries (GET IT RIGHT METS!!!!!!) 

During the beginning of the game Cameron took some cool photos. Here they are:



I like this photo a lot



In the 3rd inning, First Base coach RIck Sofield had the infield warmup ball and tossed it to Cameron. I’m not going to go into full details on it because it is kind-of embarrassing but lets just say he got the ball :D. In the bottom of the 5th inning, Anthony Recker struck out to end the inning. It was a dropped 3rd strike and Pirates catcher Russell Martin was forced to throw it to first base to get the out. When first baseman Gaby Sanchez ran in with the ball, I called out, “Gaby can I please have the ball!?” and Sanchez tossed me the ball. Here two different pictures of the ball:


The ball had a big dirt mark on the side of it (probably where it hit the dirt). Have a look,



interesting . . . 

My mom told me we had to leave at 10:00 because of Cameron’s mom and it was a school night. You would probably suspect that the game would be in the 8th or 9th inning when we left, right? WRONG!!!! It turned 10:00 during the bottom of the 6th inning. My mom and I agreed that we could stay to the end of the inning. I went over to the catcher side of the dugout and I let Cameron have the area where the rest of the players would come in at the end of the inning. Well, the inning ended with a strike out by Curtis Granderson (of course) and Russell Martin tossed the ball to some people 5 seats away from me. But wait . . . the ball was bobbled and landed right in the stairway next to me. I dove on top of it and had my 6th ball of the day! Here is a picture of it.


I remember watching the end of the game on T.V. and finding out that it lasted 3:43 minutes for a normal 9 inning game (I think the Mets won but I really don’t care). It made me very mad that it lasted that long but whatever. We had a very fun time regardless. Here are some photos of 5 of the balls under blacklight:







Here are some final stats:

6 balls at this game

13 baseballs at 3 MLB games = 4.33 balls per game

31 carrier MLB baseballs

50 total MLB and MiLB baseballs

2 commemoratives: Mother’s Day (2)

That’s it and more posts will be up soon!

5/11/14 at Citi Field

School has basically overcome me so that is why it has taken so long to make this post. I made an update post (click here to see it) and this is the full post of that game. Alright. . . here we go.

Lets got back to March for a second. I decided that brining my long time Mets fan Godmother Cathy to a Mets game. We were working on dates for games and we decided that we should go to the Mets vs Phillies game on Mother’s Day. After about a month and a half of waiting, we arrived here:


Something that I found out a year ago was that MLB used commemorative baseballs on Mother’s Day last year. From a site called Big League Baseballs, I was able to find out that MLB might be using them again this year. YAY.

A couple days before this game, I heard that another ballhawk named Jason might be there and it would be a game time decision (cool guy. check out his blog here). When we got to the gates, my Godmother wanted to take a picture.


After the pic was taken, Jason was there and let us have a spot right behind him in line. We talked for the majority of the time before the gates opened. One of the big things we talked about was if there was going to be bp. This was a day game after a game that ended at like 11:00 pm and we got kind of scared if we were going to be shut out. Jason was already dressed in his Phillies gear if there wasn’t going to be bp but I stayed in my Mets gear. When the gates opened we both ran towards the left field seats and saw there was bp! Jason said he hated me (friendly way) as I ran past him while he was changing in Mets garb. We both got into the seats and simultaneously got our first balls! A Mets batter (I think it might have been Eric Campbell) hit a ball that went to the warning track. I didn’t recognize the player who grabbed the ball right away but I asked if I could please have the ball and the player threw me a nasty knuckle ball. Right as it was in my glove I realized it was Lucas Duda. Here is a picture of the ball . . .


and then nothing else happened. I’m not even kidding. In the 20 mins of Mets bp, there was a grand total of 0 HOME RUNS into the left field seats (My man Duda hit 2 to right and that was it). Jason got a total of 3 toss-ups(Tom Goodwin, Lucas Duda, and Bartolo Colon) and Dave Racaniello who is usually nice to ballhawks was being a jerk and wouldn’t toss anything to me and Jason (but obviously tossed one up to a older, gloveless man). I just can’t even sometimes.

The sad thing was that the Phillies never took bp. They did have a bunch of pitchers throwing. Here is a picture of Roberto Hernandez (cough cough Fausto Carmona) and someone I couldn’t identify.


After Roberto acted like he was going to toss baseballs to me and Jason, he just walked off and gave a ball to a little kid. We were both very confused about the whole situation.

After bp I went back to where my Godmother was sitting. I bought 2 tickets in the 12th row behind the Phillies dugout just so she/we didn’t have to deal with sneaking past stadium security. On the ticket I noticed that it gave us accesses to the Delta Sky360 club which you can’t get into with a regular ticket. I walked in and took a couple pics:



The food wasn’t free so I didn’t bother.

After I walked out I noticed there was some commotion on the field. I looked around and realized it was bark in the park day. Here is a picture of the madness on the field.


There were so many dogs that kept coming and it kind out got insane.

When the Phillies started warming up I got in a good position to try to get a ball and took some pictures. Here is one of Tony Gwynn Jr., Marlon Byrd, and I think Cody Asche.


(sorry for the blurriness idk what why my camera wasn’t focused)

And one of Marlon Byrd swinging a pink bat:


The only Phillies players warming up (throwing) were Cody Asche and Chase Utley and when they were finished Asche gave the ball to a father with a little kid on his shoulders (wearing Phillies gear).

During the start of the game I wanted to make sure that they were actually were using the Pink baseballs. It didn’t take long. The first batter of the game, Tony Gwynn Jr., hit a foul ball a section over my head. A middle aged fan was able to grab it in a scramble and I walked up to him and asked if I could see the ball for a second and when he turned it over. . . . it was pink! I ran back down to where Jason was sitting and told him the good news. Now the challenge was to snag one.

The first 3 innings ended in strike outs and Phillies catcher Wil Nieves kept giving the ball to these little Mets fans behind the screen behind home plate. He did that 3 more times during the game it was very weird. In the 4th inning Eric Young Jr, ended the inning by grounding out to Cody Asche to a force play. Chase Utley ended up with the ball and tossed it to Jason. Jason told me once he got one he would give me room for me. It worked.

In the bottom of the 5th inning Chris Young hit a fly ball to left fielder Domonic Brown. I got right down to the end of the dugout and stood next to this kid (who couldn’t be older than 13) and he wanted me to move to the side. I kind-of ignored it and as Domonic Brown came towards the dugout I yelled Domonic and he tossed the ball towards me. As I caught it that same kid tried to push me to drop the ball but I held on!! (Remember that kid, he will soon be an important factor).

I sat right next to my Godmother and took this picture.


Right after that we decided to get some lunch. When the lady came over to order our food, I showed her the ball and she asked if I wanted a picture with my Godmother. We obliged and here is the picture.


Look in the background between my head and hers. We got photo-bombed 😦

Here is what my lunch looked like:


It looks kind of simple but it was really good!

Another chance that I had for a ball happened in the top of the 7th. Tony Gwynn hit a foul ball off the netting of the dugout and the ball boy went to get it. As he walked towards the dugout he threw the ball to me but that same kid from earlier hit my glove with his and the ball went into the dugout :(. I was pretty ticked off. The usher said to the kid do not push and even Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee said something to the kid saying that the ball was intended for me not him. So stupid.

During the bottom of the 7th something happened that I had never seen in person before. Instant Replay. Eric Young Jr. hit a soft ground ball to Cody Asche and the throw to first was very close. Here is the video itself:


During the review I took some pictures from my view.



Very interesting and time consuming. Should be must faster but I don’t run it.

After the review I noticed that Cliff Lee was standing there chillin’


I chatted a little with him. I forgot what the conversation consisted of but he isn’t as mean as proclaimed.

During the bottom on the 9th inning I moved by the umpires tunnel waiting for a ball and maybe a wristband from one of the umpires.


With a 3-0 lead I thought the Phillies had the game and it would be over. WRONG! The Mets came back with a 2 run home run by Daniel Murphy and a force play RBI by Juan Lagares. The game was tied and we were going into extras. My Godmother and I agreed to stay to the end of the game and it meant free baseball!

With the bases loaded in the bottom on the 10th with 2 outs David Wright came up and grounded out into a force play to Jimmy Rollins. Rollins stepped on 2nd base and ran towards the dugout. While Rollins went towards the dugout I used some really nice ballhawking skills. I hoped over at least 3 rows and ran through 2 and while standing in the 10th row I put my glove in the air and Rollins threw a bullet to me! A guy right behind me yelled F**K and I ran off. The picture that I took of the ball at the game got lost somehow but here is one from my house.


Whoohoo . . . please click that link 🙂

In the bottom of the 11th Ruben Tejada came up with the bases loaded and hit a walkoff RBI single. This was probably the best game that I have ever been to!

As the umpires came towards the dugout, Jason had a secret weapon to get a baseball from Hp Umpire Tim Welke so I went for a wristband. I decided to ask rookie umpire Gabe Morales for a wristband. I said “Mr. Morales can I please have your wristband?!” He gave me a look like why would you ever want this but took one off his right arm and gave it to me! Here is a picture that I took as I left the game.


This was the best MLB game I have ever attended (In 2012 I witnesses a no-hitter by Mike Ness in a Can-Am game. Thats the best minor league game I’ve been at.)

Here are some photos of all of the balls under black light.




I have know idea what that is. Could be a # or could be a smudge.

Here is a picture of all of the balls together


Here are some stats:

3 balls at this game

7 baseballs at 2 MLB games = 3.50 balls per game

25 carrier MLB baseballs

44 total MLB and MiLB baseballs

2 commemorative baseballs: Mother’s Day (2)

That is it and now I have only have 2 more games to catch up on!

Update. . . .

So I went to the Mother’s Day Phillies vs. Mets game. . .


That’s just a little preview of what happened. I do not have a lot of time to write a well detailed blog entry about what happened that day. Expect one in the next couple days.

Thats all for now.


4/22/14 at Citi Field

Well . . . . . I’m back.

I have been SUPER busy with school and Middle School baseball and have had not a lot of time to go to games and or blog. After having absolutely HORRIBLE luck during my spring break missed out on going to 2 games because nature really hates me. Never mind about that, let’s go to the Mets vs. the Cardinals.

*Time out*

The last time I went to a Mets game I left my house at around 3:30 and got there at 4:20.

*Time in* 

I left my house with one of my moms (the one from the Devils games) at 3:40 and got there exactly at 4:00. Traffic is weird. We decided to park right next to the exit so we could get out easy. Take a look.



It was pretty far.

We were the first in line and stood there for 1 hour and 10 minutes. During that time there was a very light drizzle but it never got bad. When the guards came over to set up for checking bags and ticket counting, they started to say somethings about batting practice. I asked one of them if there was going to be bp and the guard said no.


I was the first one in the stadium and the guard was right. . .


If you look closely, would will see me in the bottom left wearing a yellow Simpson’s shirt

No batting practice.

I literally just stood there being bored for 45 minutes because there was no action AT ALL. At around 5:50, something weird happened. Dennis Schutzenhofer, the Cardinals batting practice pitcher, came out of the dugout by himself and started to throw a baseball at the screen behind home plate (have you ever seen that, if so, comment it). I thought why not and walked over near Schutzenhofer and asked him for it. He held up a finger and a minute later he tossed it to me. 🙂

look how much the ball was scuffed:


No shutout for me!!!!!!!!!

A couple minutes after I got the ball one of those annoying picture taking people went up to me and wanted to take one. I agreed and this was the result.


This is how I feel about Citi Field

Also, did you notice something in the background? The guards were taking the tarp off the field! YAY.

The Cardinals took warmups and only had one baseball and Matt Carpenter tossed it to some young kids no where near me.

During the game I sat in the 17th row behind the Cardinals dugout. It was completely empty and I hoped that I had a pretty good chance to catch a foul ball and/or getting tossups. After a couple off innings just missing out on 3rd out balls, I noticed that Matt Adams tossed his ball to someone in the front row (and didn’t do the switch it with the warmup ball). In the 5th inning it was 1st and 2nd with 1 out and with d’Arnaud up to bat. d’Arnaud hit a ground ball to Jhonny Peralta and started the 6-4-3 double play. As soon as that ball was hit I ran down to the front row and waited for Matt Adams to come. When he came over he flipped the ball to me as he walked into the dugout. 3rd out ball!!!!!!!!

Here is what it looks like.


First game ball at Citi Field!

Here is a picture that I took of the field during the middle of the game.


The next time that I had a chance to catch a baseball was in the top of the 7th. Jon Jay was batting and he hit a foul ball to the other side of my row. I miss judged the ball and it went a couple inches off my glove, my leg hit a seat and the ball went in and empty row and was grabbed by a gloveless fan. I was not happy 😦 As I walked back to my seat a very nice and young (low to mid 20’s) Mets fan goes to me and “Your not a Cardinals fan. I could tell.” We talked for for a while about baseball and I asked him, “How did you know that I wasn’t a Cardinals fan.” He replied, “You seemed like you had a plan and you knew what you were doing.” It was interesting but pretty epic.

Fast forward to the 9th inning with 2 outs. I positioned myself perfectly for an umpire ball from Jeff Kellogg. I ran down to the front and got a beautifully mud rubbed ball. Here it is.


45 seconds later a bunch of guys from the bullpen were walking back to the dugout and I yelled, “Can I please have a ball?” I thought nothing of it and Eric Fornataro popped out of the dugout and tossed a very dirty ball to me. Have a look:


It must have been an infield warmup ball from the game.

Minus the no batting practice this was a really great day. Here are some extra black light photos of 3 of the balls.




Here are all of the baseballs together.


Here are some stats:

4 baseballs at this game

4 balls at 1 MLB game this season = 4.00 baseballs per game

22 carrier MLB baseballs

41 total MLB and MiLB baseballs

That is it and happy reading!

A Couple of Random Things

Hello viewers of this blog,

I am making this post to explain what has happened to myself in sports. 

First off I bought my first ticket to my first game of the season. 

It is. . . . 



and here are the tickets (the other one is behind it, look in the top right corner).




Another thing cool is what I won in a raffle yesterday 3/29/14. I was with my moms at a fundraiser for one of their friends who is battling cancer. At the fundraiser, there were a bunch of silent auctions and I put a bunch of tickets in for a Joba Chamberlin signed baseball, a BIG Yankee Stadium picture, a Yogi Berra signed picture, a Mookie Wilson & Bill Buckner 10/25/86 signed picture and 2 free Islander tickets for any (one) home game for next season (even though I am a Devils fan). Well, waiting for the prizes to be called, I see a lady take a ticket out for the Mookie Wilson Bill Buckner signed photo an start to struggle with the name (because D3M3TR1U5 K4Z4N45 isn’ that hard).I just knew it was me and I was correct. I was in pure shock and was very excited. There was a professional photographer there and she took a picture right as I won it.



(Photo Credit Kathy Valentine Productions)

Here is a picture of it when I got home, 


and here are the individual autographs,


Bill Buckner



Mookie Wilson 10/25/86

Truely amazing

The final thing that I want to share with you guys is the cards I received in the mail. On the first day of March I sent 7 (or 8) cards to different baseball players asking for autographs and got 3 back. They are:

Tyson Ross


Josh Fields (with the inscription)


and Scooter Gennett


That is all I have today and happy blogging!


3/20/14 at Prudential Center

Hello People,

After a long time of not having enough time to blog about fan packs, I am back with another blog entry about a Devils Hockey game!

Remember how I got the tickets to the game last time, (If you don’t remember click here) well it was the same scenario. Before we left for the game, I took a picture of the ticket,

Image and off we went to the Devils vs. Wild!

After my mom accidentally made the wrong turn on our way to the game we encountered something interesting;


That is a pot hole being filled with hot tar in the middle of rush hour. Weird, right?

Anyway. . . . the Devils were facing the Wild and I came to the game with a trick up my sleeve to get my first ever puck.



Yup, I made a sign that asked if I could have a Puck (Is that desperate? I think not) and hoped very much that it would work. When I ran down to the Wild’s side of the glass for warmups with some people (you will see who later) I held up the sign and hoped it would do its magic. During the first 5 minutes of warmups, the only thing that I got was a few dirty looks from Clayton Stoner (Bro, you should be ashamed by your last name and look somewhere else). But then, glory *almost* happened. Wild forward Jason Pominville put a puck on his stick and flipped it up to me. Well, he flipped it too far over my head and a kid behind me caught it. I was not a happy camper. After 5 minutes of getting nothing and thinking I was not going to end up getting one, insert Nate Prosser. Nate took off his glove with puck in hand and tossed a puck!



Oh My Yes!

I can believe I caught one! Here is from an alternate angel showing a small chip in it.



Even though the puck is blank I am so excited! 

Before the start of the game, My mom, Jack (same kid form the Watch With Zack Game) and I went to see Devils HOF Ken Daneyko. He the the interviews for the Pre-game show and always signs autographs. I got an autograph for a friend,



And he signed one for Jack. Right after we took a picture together.



I took only 2 pictures during the game. The fort is me holding the puck,



and of all of us.


It goes Me, Jack, and my neighbor Shane

My favorite part of the game was that every time Zach Parise touched the puck, the WHOLE entire crowd booed. It was amazing! This had to be the best game I have ever been to because the Devils ended up wining in overtime (OT) with a rebound shot by Andy Grene. That is all I have and my next post just might be a baseball game!


1 puck at this game

1 puck at 2 NHL games this season = 0.5 Pucks per game

1 total puck

1/24/14 at Prudential Center

Hello everyone,

I would like to apologies for the amount of time that it took me to finally put this post up. Alright lets go.

I got to go to this game through one of my moms work. The company that she works for has a box (suite) at the Prudential Center and she could enter a raffle to try to win tickets to New Jersey Devils hockey games, New York Liberty WNBA games, and Seton Hall Pirates college basketball games for free. Well, one of my moms put in to try to win tickets to the New Jersey Devils game on the 24th of January and we got notified that we won four tickets. My other mom couldn’t come so it was my mom, me, my friend Jayson (the one from the watch with Zack game) and my neighbor Shane. This is what I received as I walked into my house on Friday.


and a parking pass (which one of my moms through out).

The arena opens one hour before the game (started at 7:00) and we all left my house at 5:20. We live at least 25 minutes from the arena and we sort-of hit some traffic. We got there at 6:15 and made it inside (for free) at 6:20. I wanted to get there early for warmups so me and Jayson hurried over to the opposing team (Washing Capitals) and tried to catch a puck . We stood right next to the glass and Jayson took a picture…


and his flash was on. I was also really trying to get a puck but I never got one. 😦 Maybe next game.

After warmups there was a ten minute brake before the game started so we went over to get some food.


Last year I found out that Devils Hall of Fame player Ken Dynako does his interview before the game and during the intermissions right where the suite concession stands are and I got his autograph on my ticket (I will show it later).I had the same intention to get his autograph with Jayson.

*time in*

We walked up to the concession stands and Ken was sitting there doing his interview. There was a couple people in front of us but we waited until his interview was to ask for his autograph. We both got his autograph.


Jayson has his.

We also got pictures with Ken.



Jayson never smiles :l

Just before we got to our seats, I grabbed a free pocket schedule from a stand.


The Devils took a 1-0 lead after the first period and we decided to take a group picture.


It looks like I have a really long right arm. lol.

It goes Jayson (age 13), Shane (age 18), and Me (age 14)

Here are some pictures that I took during the corse of the game. Image


It missed the goal.Image

Just don’t ask on the last pic… #crazyfans

This was the final score of the game.


Now that’s a perfectly timed photo.

At the end to the game I took a free magazine from the suite (that usually costs $3)…


and took pictures of the suite.



When I got home, I took a side by side comparison of both of the Ken Dynako’ autographs.


That is it and I hope to see everyone soon!